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Religious Education and Worship in the Catholic Diocese of Portsmouth

“For all children religious education is a proper subject in its own right in the school’s curriculum. It is a rigorous academic discipline as any other subject. For those already engaged in the journey of faith, religious education will be catechesis, and for some children and young people religious education will be evangelisation, the first opportunity to hear the good news of the gospel.”  Curriculum Directory for Catholic Schools (Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales 1996)

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Diocesan Self-Review and Validation   

The objectives of curriculum religious education are:

  • To develop knowledge and understanding of the mystery of God and of Jesus Christ, of the Church, and of the central beliefs which Catholics hold;
  • to develop awareness and appreciation of Catholic belief, understanding of its impact on personal and social behaviour and of the vital relationship between faith and life, life and faith;
  • to encourage study and investigation;
  • to develop appropriate skills: for example, ability to listen, to think critically, spiritually, ethically and theologically; to acquire knowledge and organise it effectively; to make informed judgements;
  • To foster appropriate attitudes: for example, respect for truth, respect for the views of others; awareness of the spiritual, of moral responsibility, of the demands of religious commitment in everyday and especially the challenge of living in a multicultural, multi-faith society.