Headteacher Briefings

Headteacher Briefings

Each term we provide an opportunity for headteachers to hear about and discuss the latest educational developments both within our own diocese and, where appropriate, nationally.  These briefings are normally held in the Apollo Hotel, Basingstoke as this is central to the diocese and has good transport links.

Following the briefings any relevant presentations and handouts will be circulated to heads and placed on this page.


To book a place please visit the TRAINING AND BRIEFINGS page.


headteacher briefing – AUTUMN 2020 – powerpoint

  • s48 Inspection Update
  • Exam Update
  • RE Curriculum Directory Update
  • Directory of Prayer and Liturgy
  • Advent and Christmas
  • Trustees Liability – Health and Safety


headteacher briefing – SPRING 2020 – powerpoint

  • Buildings Update
  • A Fertile Heart
  • Ofsted Feedbacks
  • Day of Prayer for School Leaders
  • Early Career Framework
  • Feedback from Clergy Training Day
  • Feedback from Diocesan Pastoral Council
  • Feedback from Steering Group
  • Pilgrimage October 2020
  • Diocesan Education Strategy
  • Partnership Groups
  • Episcopal Leadership Team


headteacher briefing – autumn 2019 – powerpoint

  • Safeguarding
  • Admissions
  • Diocesan Pupil Data
  • RE and s48 Inspection Update
  • Dragons Den
  • Feedback from recent Ofsted inspections
  • Buildings Update
  • CASO –  Way Forward
  • Steering Group Update
  • Stewardship Group Update
  • Relationships and Sex Education
  • Updates
  • Diocesan Pastoral Council

Safeguarding Presentation

dragons den Presentation